Easy Methods of Meditation to do anywhere


There is no need to go to India or anywhere else to find peace. You will find that deep place of silence right in your room, your garden or even your bathtub. – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

There are numerous ways one can meditate. Choosing a meditation method that brings peace and calm to yourself is entirely up to you. Everyone has different experiences with each meditation technique.

The best methods of meditation are the ones that you have experienced.

Methods of Meditation:

– Walking Meditation

– Loving-Kindness Meditation

– Mindful Meditation

– Lying meditation

Walking meditation


Walking meditation uses the action of walking as a point of focus in your meditation practice. The act of walking helps us become aware of our bodies and the world that is around us.

Focus is stronger with walking meditation because of the movement. Sitting meditation has an inward focus on the mind (Vipassana Meditation practice) and sometimes our thoughts lead us away from the present moment.

The technique:

– Stand up straight.

– Keep your back upright. Flatten your back if you are hunching.

– If you need assistance lean your back against a wall to help your posture.

– Center yourself using your feet. Lean from side to side. As you come back to the middle you will become aware of your center.

– Close your eyes and become aware of your body.

– Place your hands on your belly button with your fingers crossed and thumbs touching.

– Inhale deep into your belly and raise your right leg.

– Exhale and bring the right leg down.

– Inhale deep and raise your left leg.

– Exhale and bring the left leg down.

Awareness tips:

– The sensations at your feet should be your focus.

– Feel the sensation of the ground as you walk.

– Tune your breathing with your walking.

– Focus on the breath.

– As thoughts arise, bring your focus back to your feet.

Loving-Kindness Meditation (Metta Meditation)


Loving kindness meditation is a simple meditation method that instills peace, love and kindness. It is based on reflection and compassion in your everyday life.

The goal is to develop love and kindness in your heart. Developing love builds a positive life and positive attitude. Instead of letting situations get the best of you, you can face each challenge with the best possible attitude.

Do not worry or have judgments about anything during this meditation. Reflecting on certain thoughts during this practice can bring up emotional judgment or self-criticism. Let those negative thoughts drift away as you build love in your life.

The technique:

– Sit, kneel or lie in a comfortable position.

– Inhale. Bring your focus to the breath.

– Slow down your breathing.

– Exhale longer out from your mouth.

– Settle in your awareness for a few minutes.

– Close your eyes gently.

– Recall a moment of self confidence or gratitude. Does not have to be something enormous. It could be as simple as drinking water.

– Focus on the feeling at that point and what made you so happy.

– Gently say “I am thankful for ______________ (insert the reason you are thankful)”

Awareness tips:

– The breath should be the important focus here.

– In reflection, aim to balance your breath with the sensations.

– If you get lost in the reflection then bring your attention back to your breath.

Mindful Meditation


Mindful meditation focuses on bringing your awareness in the present moment. This is done through the in and out breath. The breath is always present. There is no past or future. The breath can only happen now.

Mindful of the breath helps bring awareness to your thoughts, feelings and emotions. This awareness builds slowly over time and practice. The reflection on your thoughts and emotion is done through the perspective of an outsider who has no connection to the situation. This way you place no judgment or self-criticism.

Mindful Meditation method:

– Sit upright either on a chair, ground or bed.

– Relax your shoulders. Push your shoulders back to align with your back.

– Close your eyes.

– Scan your body. Focus on your feet then move your attention upwards to your head. Reflect on each body part for a in and out breath.

– Inhale deep into your belly.

– Focus on the sensations of breathing. Is the air moist? How does it feel as it flows into your body?

– Exhale out through the mouth.

Awareness tips:

– Do not be distracted by thoughts. They will come and go. Let the thoughts wander off. Bring your focus back to the breath if this occurs.

– Do not get frustrated by mental distractions or mental chatter. It’s part of meditation.

– Find a silent comfortable location to practice mindful meditation.

– Let go of any judgments that cross your mind during mindfulness meditation.

Meditation is about peace, time and patience.

Understand that each method takes time. You have to invest some time to practice the methods above. After some practice your mind will be more focused and alert.

These meditation methods can be practiced anywhere and anytime. They can be implemented during work, lunch break or when you are at home. I practice walking meditation sometimes at the gym after a good workout.

If you have other methods, let me know.

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