How to do standing Meditation

Standing meditation is an ancient technique from the Qi-Gong and Taoist meditation. Similar to other meditation techniques, standing meditation focuses your mind and instills inner peace. Also, standing mediation practice is used by many martial artist to help them focus their energies.

Why Standing meditation?

Standing meditation aligns your mind and body. With your feet grounded, this alignment allows the life energy(Qi) to flow in your body freely developing calmness and mental clarity.

The body releases tension as it stands for extended period of time. This combined with deep breathing and focus helps it rejuvenate it’s energies.

Human beings experience the world in many different layers such as emotional, physical and spiritual. Each layer stores stress in its own manner. Holding stress for long periods of time will cause inner turmoil. Thus it is vital that we release those stress points to become free.

Breaking the habit

Sometimes seated or lying meditation may not bring as much alertness. You can find yourself dozing off sometimes. I have succumbed to dozing off in my seated meditation practice. This is how I came across standing meditation.

Standing meditation helps you change the routine and keeps you more alert. The sensations of standing is forces your mind to remain alert. Standing has a different sensation from lying or staying in a seated position because you are consciouly holding up your body.

How long does it have to last?

Standing meditation does not have to last for hours. It is completely up to your discretion. You can stand for as long or as short as you want to. Some people do it for 20 minutes while others can do it for hours.

The important concept of practicing standing meditation is to make sure that you are alert and focused.

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